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11226 Old Pasco Road
11226 Old Pasco Road
  1. Price: $5,900,000.00
  2. Acreage: 20.00 acres
  3. Pool: No
  4. Waterfront: No
  5. Year Built: Not Available
MLS#: 2202441
  1. County: PASCO
  2. City: San Antonio
  3. Zipcode: 33576
  4. Subdivision: Not In Hernando
  5. Elementary School: Not Zoned for Hernando
  6. Middle School: Not Zoned for Hernando
  7. High School: Not Zoned for Hernando
  8. Provided by: Bickel Realty
  9. DMCA Notice
This property lies on Old Pasco Rd just south of Hwy 52, Pasco County has said staff would support a comprehensive plan amendment to change the land use to RES 12 (Residential 12du/ga) or any resident [Read More]

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